Your jewelry marks your journey.

This the the path I took to jewelry.

My first jewelry began as a girls night out to a bead store with amazing gemstone beads. And it's been an obsession ever since. I began making jewelry to sell at the urging of a friend and she introduced me to I began working with metal when beading was not creative enough and therein lies my true passion. I love to make a piece from start to finish. I especially like working with a customer to make something that they have always wanted!

I use gemstones because of their beauty, but also because they have a strong resonance with me. Gemstones have deep meanings in many cultures. Stones can mark the path through life, birthstones signify the hopes and dreams of our destiny, pebbles from a favorite beach remind us of sweet stops on the way, and diamonds signify the beauty and durability of our commitments. I find that many people collect natural crystals in their homes, but I love to take this to another level. Jewelry keeps stones on the body and in sight at all times. As gifts, they can help to express our feelings.

I not only sell online, I also travel to shows, from a music festival in West Virginia, to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and I was privileged to show at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in my home town of Pittsburgh this year!

Hope to see you soon,